Aequetus Sayz

And so it begins...

How I got to be where I am today (or at least bits of advice that may be handy)

 Getting a shiny UAI

My last semester of College was bliss. A self-directed project in Graphic Design (a semester of designing characters and making mock-game advertising. I do that kind of thing for fun!), an English unit where it was considered schoolwork to watch Monty Python (Satire), and (count ‘em) TWO art units, one of which allowed me to spend hours sitting in the school’s science store room and draw skeletons of various animals. Add to that the fact that Doctor Who was being repeated on ABC, and I was surrounded by fantastic friends. And great parents. And pie - I had pie as well. The present looked fantastic, the future was far from my brain, but all too soon the day of graduation came and went.

I (somehow) managed to get a shiny UAI. I was expecting something relatively nice, given my nice scores in English, Psychology, Art and Graphic Design, but expected my dislike of Maths and raging ineptitude at Chemistry to bite me in the proverbial bum. But it didn’t. But I s’pose that’s what you get when you work hard (hear that, kids? Work hard and the world will be your oyster! Yup, a giant, squishy shellfish).

Choosing a University

Every single person I spoke to said I should go to Art School, what with my incessant drawing (a habit I picked up in early Primary School and never dropped). I mean absolutely no offence to anyone currently attending art school when I say the following: I happen to like the prospect of employment. Though I often get pangs of jealousy talking to my Art School friends (“We spent all day yesterday doing life drawing.” GIMME!), I knew it had to be Uni. ANU looked the shiniest, and besides, I can now call myself an ANUS (the ANU is acronymn mad, I ought to warn any prospective students.)

Working out what courses to take

I chose law because I felt obliged to do something with said shiny UAI (also, it may or may not have something to do with Mr. Tulkinghorn from Dicken’s ‘Bleak House’, and the ensuing television series with Charles Dance as said lawyer). I chose psychology because I’m inexplicably smitten with the subject (this may or may not have something to do with ValMcDermidd’s ‘Wire In The Blood’ books and the ensuing television series starring Robson Green). Yep, it was all a stab in the dark. Believe me, choosing what course to do is daunting, confusing, but keep in mind that there is flexibility (especially for first years) to change if you feel you’ve picked a dud. Breathe easy.

The joys of O- Week

The most disorienting orientation in existence.

BY GOD DO THEY LOVE THEIR PAMPHLETS. You get a bag filled with pamphlets, everyone you speak to gives you a handy pamphlet, and the walls are covered with pamphlet stands. PAMPHLETS EVERYWHERE. I got home, emptied my bag and found myself waist-deep in pamphlets. In the end I had about 1.02kg of pamphlets, which doesn’t sound like much until you realize the sheer volume of pamphlet needed to achieve that weight. What should you do with these pamphlets? Leave them in the bag until you actually want to know something. Don’t bother trying to read them all, it doesn’t work. Believe me.

I was (un)lucky enough to be very ill during the end of the week when all of the official enrollment stuff was happening, but somehow managed to enroll myself (I was a bit worried that I’d stuffed everything up in my snuffly delirium). If a sick idiot with the sense of direction akin to that of a blinded ostrich in a supermarket can enroll herself, so can you :D

Here are the random scribbles I did during O Week (ballpoint pen in my notebook, NOT quality vetted)