Aequetus Sayz

Semester 1, 2007

My first semester at University… Scary, exciting, tiring (more walking and handwriting than I have EVER done), and fascinating. I’ve learned an enormous amount of things – academic (how to pronounce ‘chi square’), practical (how not to get lost) and philosophical (stress = useless), and important (wedges are $5.50 with sour cream and chicken chilli sauce). My crafty plan to create a cast of characters to help motivate myself to study, and generally engage with my subjects, worked perfectly. It’s about time someone else met them, crud knows they’re dying to get out of the confines of my brains.


Consider these characters dedicated to the relevant tutors and lecturers (i.e. Mnnallen for Psych people) of this Semester, as a thankyou for all of their spiff!

The cohort from Semester 1 are a loud lot. Captain Hyrax and Cattanach Melchior are both rather violent chappies, apt to whollop anything that moves (or contradicts their closely held beliefs regarding precedents). Though generally more serene, Dr. Mnnallen does fly into a psychotic rage if he sees the wrong sort of T-test being used. Jonah shouts a lot but that’s about it. Poor Claude and Aequetus are left trying to balance everything by being level-headed, but Aequetus can’t talk and doesn’t have a head, and Claude isn’t very level (his species is built for running in a straight line – they’re rather unstable when they’re doing anything else). But, somehow, between their shouting and hitting various evildoers, their determination to succeed rubbed off on me. I had a great semester with this lot scrambling around in my brains, trying to get me to study (or not study) their specific subjects.

Notes from this semester weighed in at... 7.09kg


And now for some art inspired by doodles drawn between units. Click on the thumbnail to view the full image.

LAWS1201 - Foundations of Australian Law

I enjoyed this unit, but my difficulties with Torts somehow taints my good feelings… Anyway, away from the negative, this was a very well structured and broad introduction to Law, a good mixture of broad historical context and pinpoint issues (i.e. Legislative interpretation). Aequetus was particularly chuffed, because he was a welcome addition to the tutorial group, and was used to distribute assessment allocation.


My mascot for this unit: Captain Hyrax

LAWS1203 - Torts

Oh the horror. Oh the horrific horror. 100% of assessment for this subject is based on tests, split into a redeemable mid-semester (35%) test, and an end-of-semester test (65%, or 100% if it is better than your mid-semester). The actual content of the lectures and tutorials is fascinating, I found the Lecturers and Tutors to be friendly, knowledgeable and approachable, and the reading hefty but doable. But, alas, the assessment is horrible if, like me, you don't do well in exam conditions, especially ones that count for so much of a grade. Ok, so maybe the horror isn’t that horrific, but I’m verily easily tipped into stressful flailing when big tests come up. Don’t be like me – relax!


My mascot for this unit: Cattenach Melchior

PSYC1003 - Psychology 1: Understanding Mind, Brain and Behaviour

Ah, dear beloved Psychology. How sweet thy content doth be. Oh dear, I’ve come over all Shakespearian. Not that it is all my fault, forgive the gushing, but I happen to love this subject. I was in the joyous position throughout this unit of blissfully ignoring grades and simply learning for the hell of it, and as so often happens when you approach education like that, shiny grades simply follow the enthusiasm. This unit was divided into three modules (Cognitive, Biological, Stats), which meant come test time there was more revision, but it allowed for a lot more variety within the subject. My favorite was cognitive psychology, which covered a lot of year 12 psychology, only in more depth. My least favourite was, predictably, statistics, but for a maths (an inherently icky subject) component it wasn’t too bad at all. I officially have a theory that the mathematical formula for the Chi Square (goodness of fit) is in love with Andrew Hanson’s hair (he’s the musical one from “The Chaser’s War On Everything”), but their love is destined not to be because a mathematical formula is intangible and hair is incapable of feeling love due to an inconvenient lack of consciousness. But that is by the by.


My mascot for this unit: Dr. Mnnallen

SCOM1001 - Science and Public Awareness

This subject was serendipity (in university course form). For the Psychology component of my degree, I needed to do some science. Considering my shaky past with chemistry, I picked this course simply to avoid the areas of science I’m not particularly good at... And lo and behold, its content was interesting and fascinating and perfectly suited to a person (and headcrab) of Aequetus and my academic leanings.


My mascot for this unit: Claude