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11/29/2016 | Biology in the Pub: cunning corpus callosum

Wherein I join a line up of eight biological talks, and flail about the corpus callosum.
Return to blog index Biology in the Pub: cunning corpus callosum 11/29/2016 The evening of Saturday 19th November (2016), I emerged from my customary manuscript preparation coc…

12/30/2015 | Valedictor-erin

Valedictorian. Erin. Valedictor-erin is the appropriate portmanteau to signify the fact that I got to give my graduating cohort's graduating talk.
Return to blogs Return to blog index Return to blog index Of course, I had to write things out word-for-word for approval, which makes sharing the transcript here for post…

6/1/2015 | FameLab 2015

The nice people at FameLab let me talk about brains and stuff.
There I was, happily plugging away at work, when this email pinged its way into my concentration. "the British Council is now accepting applications to our FameLab programme" it s…