Over the years, I've made many a website about things I like. Click on the titles to visit the constituent websites.

The Warhammers

This site serves as a handy collection point for my burgeoning interest in Warhammer. It will get considerably more content full as I continue to build my armies.

Game reviews

Most gamers have a pile of games that, for one reason or another, they never finished. Starting in July, 2010, I am working through my pile of shame, and reviewing as I go. Each review is coupled with a full-page illustration encapsulating the gameplay experience, and where applicable, tips on getting the older games running well on newer systems.


This collects the antics of my Elder Scrolls character of many years, as he romps through Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

Gordon's Barnacle Hammock

Half-Life is my absolute favourite first person shooter franchise. This is a collection of stuff I’ve made, drawn, and pondered relating to it.

Jonah Rainwater

Operation Weather Disaster and Operation: Eco Nightmare were educational games released by Discovery Multimedia in the late 1990s. The idea was to teach kids to be eco friendly. They taught me to enjoy the eeeevil over-the-top villainy of Jonah. This site chronicles the evil genius in all of his glory.

Ock Spot

This site is all about the Doc Ock we see in the excellent Spider Man 2. It also ended up being a rather in-depth Alfred Molina fanpage which took me years to build.


Full title "Magneto’s mumbling myocardiograph making multipart mung beans". In my opinion Sir McKellen's Magneto is made of awesome (in the proper sense of the term, he lifted a bridge!). Cue the loving mockery!

Max Headroom

Max Headroom is an artificial intelligence from the 1980s hailing from a dystopian future set “20 minutes into the future”. The concept, stories, and aesthetic of his world is something I seek to chronicle, preserve, and eventually build on.

Doctor Who Stuff

Miscellany from a lifetime of enjoying the show.


As an inveterate trekkie, here’s some stuff I’ve done as homage to my favourite series. A lot of this circa 2005-2006.

Hooray for Mr Shouty Preachy Man

A fan page dedicated to Brother Justin Crowe, my favourite character from the excellent HBO series, Carnivale.

Black books

A black books fansite written from the curmudgeonly perspective of Bernard Black.

Jeremy Stanford

Jeremy Stanford is a relatively obscure Australian actor, who deserves more attention. I’m happy to lavish such attention in the form of a fansite.

Kevin Eldon

Kevin Eldon is probably the funniest bloke you've never heard of! This small website is home to some original content, and a bespoke shrine to (in my opinion) his funniest character, Simon Quinlank.

Somewhat Deceased

This is a Jean Marsh fanpage, focussing on the remarkable number of characters she’s portrayed that have passed on.

I firmly Believe That Mr. Tulkinghorn Likes Muffins

I firmly Believe That Mr. Tulkinghorn Likes Muffins, is a site dedicated to the muffiney truths of Charles Dance's portrayal of Mr. Tulkinghorn from a BBC adaptation of Bleak House. It isn't very serious.

Kate Duchene

Perhaps most famous for her role as Constance Hardbroom in The Worst Witch TV series, Kate Duchêne is a rather talented actor. Hence, I made a fanpage!


A moderately worshipful and retrospectively ancient Shaun Micallef fansite, dedicated to the incomperable Australian comedian that I just said the name of.


Whittled down from the bizarre excesses of my youth as a rather frightening Severus Snape fan, this site chronicles some of the stuff I’ve produced over the years.


Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 was my first anime, and has cemented itself as my favourite (its influence in my art is clear). Brian J. Mason is my favourite character from the series, making him the favouritest of the favourite.