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Sometimes, a room NEEDS a barnacle in the corner. Here are some things I've sewn, made from paper mache, and painted.


Miscellanious arts I've drawn over the years.

Crash Course in Half Life-ology

For those who are familiar with the game, you may want to skip past the general information and get into the more interesting stuff. Half Life is an astoundingly wonderful first person shooter game series from the genius(es) over at Valve Software. It continually pushes the boundaries of design, gameplay mechanics and sheer storytelling quality of first person shooter technology. Ooh, it is good.


I mean, just look at this picture of Gordon Freeman.



There are multiple games in the series:
Half-Life - the first in the series, this an enduring peice of excellence in the history of computer games. Released on November 19, 1998 (considerably after the initial release date), the game runs on a tweaked Quake engine.A routine experiment deep within the Anomolous Materials unit at Black Mesa goes horribly wrong, and a dimensional breach is opened up between our world and the horror-infested world of Xen. The demo for Half Life has unique levels, and is known as Half Life: Uplink.
Opposing Force - was a response to overwhelming support of Half Life, and features similar models and gameplay to Half Life, but with a twist: the player is working from the perpective of the army, and is involved in engineering many of the dangerous situations that Gordon encountered in Half Life.
Blue Shift - A stand-alone game, similar to Half Life and Opposing Force, except the player works from the perspective of a security guard, Barney Calhoun.
Decay - an unfinished addition to the playstation release of Half Life.
Half Life
Half Life 2 - the long-awaited sequel to Half-Life, and OH GOD IT IS BEAUTIFUL. *achem*. Beautiful graphics and a highly interactive environment work in concert with a gripping story-line, petrifyingly dangerous scenarios and engaging characters. Gordon is yet again dumped in the thick of danger, this time in a city that is being overrun by a hostile alien species called the Combine.
Episodic continuations of the story are currently being released. Episode One takes place directly after the ending of Half Life 2, and adds dynamic HDR lighting to make the gameplay even more visually stunning. Lost Coast is a demo level that demonstrates this new lighting rendition technology to it's fullest. Episode 3 is due to come out late 2007.

The player character is silent protagonist Gordon Freeman, who doesn't seem to use his PhD in Theoretical Physics, preferring more practical things like a crowbar and a wide variety of guns. He may be a geek, but he's one badass geek. In games other than Half Life and Half Life 2 within the Half Life univese, you can play as soldier Adrian Shephard (Opposing Force), security guard Barney Calhoun (Blue Shift), Dr. Gina Cross and Dr.Collette Green (Half Life: Decay).

In the first game, NPCs tend to either be a wonderful assortment of hostile aliens from Xen, or timerous but helpful scientists. Gordon is also aided by security guards called (generically) Barney, who appears in the second game in a more singular and less disposable role as Barney Calhoun. Half Life 2 includes a cast of several friendly characters, most notably Alyx Vance and (her) Dog. Eli Vance, Judith Mossman, Isaac Kliener and his pet Headcrab Lamarr, Father Grigori and others also aid the player. While there are still some aliens from Xen, the combine makes up much of the player's enemies. In all Half Life games, the mysterious G Man watches over the player, though quite what his motives are isn't known...

The Design History Of The One Free Man
Gordon wasn’t always this paragon of unparalleled spiff. There was another, rather scary being, that almost took his place (before Valve saw the light and re-designed the player character). Allegedly originally named Dyson Poincare, but more commonly known in ye moderne timeses as “Ivan the Space Biker”. Look, my friends, look and praise Valve for NOT using this character design!


Gordon went through several transformations before he became the man we all know and love. He has had a red HEV suit and brown eyes…

(Image sourced from InterActual 1998 magazine, yoinked from the Half Life Nostalgia project)

He's also had a lack of glasses, and the sense to wear a helmet (this is presumably before his awesome formed a halo around his head and deflected headcrabs)

(Image sourced from CGW 1998 magazine, yoinked from the Half Life Nostalgia project)


He later gained glasses (though not the thick black rims we've come to love), but kept the helmet.



Eventually, the art on the Half Life 1 game box confirmed without a doubt that Gordon's desing was resolved and oh-so FANTASTIC. The glasses were thickened, and his eyes that startling green. Here you can see the Mark 1 HEV suit (notably with purplish padding instead of a thin white layer of material around the neck)



Needless to say, between Half Life 1 and Half Life 2 Gordon's look was upgraded. Apart from making his nose a more 'roman' shape, his hair less monodirectional, and some HEV suit tweaks, the winning formula of his original design was maintained.





Headcrab commensalism

The story of my undergraduate years...