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Jeremy Stanford’s birth date is as elusive as a well-hidden rabbit wearing camouflage fatigues, as is his place of birth. In fact, several things about him remain an enigma. Things in this filmography/biography are no longer enigmatic, because they're in this filmography/biography.

Fun fact: There is an alarmingly high proportion of people sharing Jeremy Stanford's name. Here are some I've come across.

  • A british cricket player who doesn't play cricket very well
  • An email address for a person working at Stanford University
  • A man who is very enthusiastic about trout
  • A freelance photographer
  • A water resource co-op member
  • Two British people seeking penpals
  • Someone with a doctorate in tie dyeing.
  • Someone with a very sparse homepage
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Jeremy Stanford is 183cm tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. He has a disturbing amount of Spanish filmographies on the internet, followed closely by German reviews of his directorial work. Jeremy’s career is centered around the entertainment business. Over the years he has acted in theatre and television, belonged to various music groups and directed several films.
He is heavily involved in encouraging new Australian talent, and currently belongs to two associations (ScreenPlay and The Rehearsal Room) that work towards helping new actors, writers and directors build themselves a successful career. ScreenPlay gives scriptwriters a chance to have their work read through and critiqued by trained directors and actors.The Rehearsal Room is an association that offers acting lessons and a wide range of resources for an aspiring actor.

"ScreenPlay puts scripts in front of an audience who by their response can feed into the process an honest response to the work. It answers questions for writers as well as posing more, challenging them to take the work to the next stage of development.” – Jeremy Stanford (Quoted from ScreenPlay website)

Fun fact: 15.25% of Jeremy Stanford's abridged filmographies are in another language (14% Spanish, 1.25% German)

Jeremy Stanford’s musical experience is not only limited to theatrical musical productions. He was a supporting member of Alice Platt: a band comprised of members who were all “Big in the 80’s” . Jeremy Stanford’s title is “the Entertainer”. He plays bass and contributes to vocals on occasion.


By far the most amusing thing he’s done yet, Mr. Stanford dons the pseudonym “Throbbing Glitteris” and becomes the bass player for The Melody Lords, a group of men who play 70’s glam rock music whole-hearted and bare-chestedly. Authentic down to their oversized wigs and hilarious stage names, The Melody Lords bring the term “70’s tribute band” into a whole new arena.


“Throbbing Glitteris is a self-confessed sex kitten. Knowing he was to be a heart-throb at birth, his mother named him Throbbing.

At the age of 18 Throbbing had his surfboard and his Sandman panel-van (complete with air-brushed murals of bare-breasted Viking women on surfboards.) But this was not enough! His real desire was to be a rock star. He took up bass guitar because "it's the most sexual instrument in the band" and purchased a bass with G spots running all the way up the neck. His dream was set in motion when he saw an ad in the paper - 'Bass player wanted for certain rock stardom. Must have own bass, keyboards, guitars, amplifiers, drum kit, full P.A. and light show, or equivalent bank cheque. Contact Amco V. Knees.'

Mrs Glitteris sold her Telecom bonds and on purchasing the equipment, Throbbing became a Melody Lord.” (Quoted from the official Melody Lords website)


But life for Jeremy Stanford isn’t all bass playing, being 183cm tall and helping aspiring scriptwriters. Presumably he has to eat and drink, being human.

Fun fact: On the internet, there are over ten times more websites trying to sell you "The Watchers III" and "Stepmonster" DVDs then there are moving parts in an average sticky tape dispenser

He’s trained hard and won quite a few awards. In 1985 Jeremy graduated from the Rusden Campus of Victoria College with a Bachelor of Education, Drama and English. He was nominated for Best Performer Of The Year (Mo Awards) in 1992 for the musical “Buddy Holly Story”. In 1994, because of his role in the musical “High Society”, Green Room Awards nominated him for Best Male Lead. 1999 was a good year for awards. Jeremy Stanford was nominated for Best Editing Graduating Screenings, Best Screenplay Graduating Screenings and won the Nescafe Film Award and Cinevex Script Award for “Wednesdays”. Also in 1999 he completed his post graduate studies, a Diploma in Film Narrative, at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Here are some quotes about Jeremy from his Silversun co-star, Sarah Walker.

"You know that scene where Cyriax wakes up from being frozen, and asks about C2, and says "Is he as handsome as me? IS THAT POSSIBLE?" well that's Jeremy. He's always exactly like that."

"He taught the cast to play 'shithead' and then felt bad because orphy kept yelling it and scaring the canteen people"

[When asked about Silversun actor/character similarities] "Similarities...Hmm well Jezz did have C2 elements in him, but he was also a bit of a father figure/Cyriax type for us young 'uns with little tv experience"

"He got a groin full of water filming a pod scene because the cooling thing in the pod broke."

"During the filming of the C2 coming out of the pod scene, he put in a set of zombie teeth and went 'mmmph!' and opened his eyes and did zombie arms, which gave Gus quite a fright"

"When they were filming the kiss scene with Lillian, at the end of one of the takes, after she's walked out, he said 'if the pod's rocking, don't bother knocking, baby!' and walked out doing that hip thrust thing"

[When asked "Who made the best jokes?"] "Hrmmm Jeremy probably."

"The one who forgot their lines the most? Probably Jeremy (cyriax)"

[When asked about first impressions of the SS cast] "Jezza - oooh tall, can't really remember"

"Probably the funniest thing that I saw happen, we were doing a very tense bridge scene, and jeremy stuffed it up, but it was sooo perfect, it went: "tane, take us into emergency close retrieval....something" and JUST then, he let out the most perfect fart...comic timing was brilliant"

Fun fact: If you put "JEREMY STANFORD" in alphabetical order, you get "ADEEFJMNORRSTY"


Like most actor/directors, Jeremy Stanford has a filmography. Here is one I've compiled.


2006 - Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert
A rollicking tale of three transvestites and their journey through the Australian desert.

Clippings about the show are below. See the 'Images' section for plenty of photos.

2004 - What Is The Matter With Mary Jane?
A play about the horrible world of eating disorders.

2004 - The Call
This play is an adaptation of a novel by Martin Flannigan, and centres around Tom Wills, (played by Jeremy Stanford) a modern Australian Rules football legend.


2003 - All Het Up
A funny and insightful cabaret.


2002 - Stones In His Pockets
Jeremy Stanford and co-star Greg Stone take on a multitude of characters in this exploration of Hollywood invading a quaint Irish town.

2002 - Certified Male
Certified male is an exceptionally funny and thoughtful look into the lives of four very different public servants. Issues such as relationships and bonding are the most thoroughly explored.
2001 - Miss Tannaka
Miss Tannaka is a twisted tale of intrigue, greed and cultural ignorance. It contains a high amount of shadow play and puppetry that adds a very unique flavour to the production.

2000 - Company
Company is a 1970's broadway musical that outlines the emotional whirlwind that is love and relationship. Jeremy Stanford plays the calmly about-to-divorce Peter.

2000 - Wrecked Eggs
Robbie (Jeremy Stanford) and Loelia, a successful, moderately affluent couple devoted to each other, have a seemingly perfect marriage. They invite Grace, a recent acquaintance, to their beach house for the weekend to help celebrate a "rite of passage" - their impending divorce. Grace, unaware of the purpose of the occasion and with reasons of her own for getting away, is reluctantly pressed into service as counsellor and buffer for the politely warring couple.

1998 - The Club
John Willamson’s “The Club” is a comment on the connection between Australian mateship and the obsession with sporting activities.

1996 - Looking Through A Glass Onion
A play about the life of John Lennon, filled with lots of his music, poetry and musings on life. Jeremy Stanford portrays John Lennon.

1993 - High Society
C.K. Dexter-Haven, a successful popular jazz musician, lives in a mansion near his ex-wife's Tracy Lord's family estate. She is on the verge of marrying a man blander and safer than Dex. Mike Connor, an undercover tabloid reporter, also falls for Tracy. Tracy must choose between the three men as she discovers that "safe" can mean "deadly dull" when it comes to husbands and life.


???     The Buddy Holly Show bholly.jpg


2002 - Moses' Blistering Shorts

1999 - Mean Cuisine

1999 - Dog Jaw

1999 - Wednesdays

1999 - Heart

1997 - I'm a luxury.... but I'm free tonight

1994 - The Watchers III

1993 - Stepmonster

1993 - Memories and Dreams

1988 - Compo


2003 - Stingers

2003 - Silversun

2002 - MDA

2002 - Blue Heelers

2001 - Horace and Tina

1998 - Crash Zone

1993 - A Country Practice

1989 - Acropolis Now

1986 - Elliot Loves Diana

??? - Chances

??? - Something Stupid

??? - Perry

??? - Paintings without Edges