Man of Eeeeevil


"Operation: Weather Disaster - Can you stop the evil Weatherman?" "Operation: Eco Nightmare- Can you stop the evil Garbageman?"

Hell no! I don't want to!

Two games from the years of yore, back when 640x480 was the resolution of gods and 'colour monitor' was one of the system requirements written on the box, Operation Weather Disaster and Operation: Eco Nightmare were created by Discovery Multimedia and released in 1995 and 1997 respectively. Both were healthy puzzle-based, point and click educational fun, mixing pseudo 3D-graphics and live-action cut scenes. In these cut scenes there was SPIFF (i.e. Jonah) and a cast of good guys called "Team XTreme", who somehow managed to collectively contain every single possible irritating personality trait.

I know as a fact I wasn't the only one who got to the last challenge of the game, and simply let Jonah win so I got to see Team XTreme up to their necks in deep doo-doo. Well, that and the amazing minute-straight evil laugh from Jonah over a montage of the world turning bright green. Quite why the evil weather in the first game made the world turn green still confuses me, but hey, it was a nice change from all the boring blue and white of Earth from space (I recon a purple streak down Africa would be really stylish). But I digress.

The games = spiff, and were pitched at a roughly 9 to 12-yr old market (though I enjoyed them both when I was seven and eight years old). By today's standards they're pretty bland gameplay wise (if you can wrestle your modern system into letting 'em work), but for their time they were the only 'educational' games that were actually fun - they come from an era where educational companies seemed to think that by putting bland information on a screen, it'd suddenly be fascinating to small kiddies.

Sure, their lasting impact on me wasn't so much "Polluting isn't cool" as "ZOMG! Eeeeeviiillll is cool!", but they were well made and entertaining games that don't deserve to be lost in the flow of time (or the flow of anything else for that matter).


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Stuff I've scrawled over the years. For more on art related to my project to keep this great character alive, see Operation: OH NO!

Box art and promotional
Operation: Weather Disaster
Operation: Eco Nightmare


Right click and select "save as". All sounds are in .mp3 format.

First up, two minutes eleven seconds of Jonah laughing evilly (515kb). Yup - if you extract every single time our favourite deranged loony laughs in both games, and cut out everything else, you end up with two minutes eleven seconds of Eeeeeeevviiiillll.

Operation: Eco Nightmare

Good morning sir.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be working here at MUCC

I'm a lot more sincere than they think I am.

I'm not like I was.

I want more.

I want people to look at their television sets and say "Look at that Jonah Greenstreet. Look at what he did today."

Once I had the idea, all I needed was time and a genetics lab.

Sustainability - that is the word of the evening, ladies and gentlemen.

What in the blue blazers has been going on? I've been trying to get through all day.

Relax! Relax.

You know, you really should do something about that facility. I've always through security was a little lax there.

I'm sure you're on top of the situation.


Save a lot of people a lot of money... Whaddaya say?

I gotta run.

Seeds? Planting seeds!? What's going on down there!?

Tell me what in the world THIS is all about!

I wasn't born yesterday.

Oh yes, heh heh heh, the pattern is all too clear.

But you're not going to put one over MUCC. No sir.

For a small fee, of course.

An ad for MUCC's solar protection kit (I love the lift music in the background).

Kinda reminds you of a home movie, doesn't it.

Why don't we get a good look at the next one, shall we?

There we go.

This one sends a shiver up your spine, huh?

It's the trechery. And oh, isn't it vile.

Shut up you dimwit.

Sooo, you took the bait.

Keep your eyes glued to the screen because the Jonah Greenstreet show is about to go prime time, heh heh heh.

I want to scare people. Make messes. Wreck the planet, if possible.


Known by some as avatars, pretty little squares that you can use to represent yourself in forums and journals and the like.

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Shiny large images especially to be used as desktop backgrounds. I made all of these using the screencaptures I took in-game, and Photoshop. I apologize for some of the low quality parts: I didn't exactly have very high quality images to work with. Click on the thumbnail for the full-sized 1027x768 sized image to open in a new window.

Bill Wise

The man behind Jonah's magnificent gurning. Like I always say, come for the information, stay for the giraffes... But I've run out of giraffes, so you'll just have to stay for the information, such as it is.

This is a photograph of Bill Wise

sourced from "Trail of lights"
(Austin, Texas)

This is a photograph of a pineapple



Note that they are absolutely nothing alike. Remember this.

Other important things to know about Bill Wise are:

If he comes in direct contact with your eyes (i.e. pokes you in the eye) , you should bathe them immediately

  • His mean density isn't equal to that of Helium
  • He does not have twelve limbs
  • He cannot be used as an efficient rocket fuel (sorry, NASA)

Now we've got the important stuff over and done with, I can get onto the secondary things like the fact he  lives in Texas, and has a myspace account you can go visit. It has pictures and stuff: most importantly - stuff. Everyone loves stuff.

Finding career information about this bloke is like trying to eat your own body weight in potato chips: insanely difficult, yet perversely enjoyable (though I'm pretty sure information about Bill Wise has a lower salt content, and is less fattening). Here are the little nuggets of spiff that I have managed to sift from the expanses of the internet.

Have you ever watched the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and for seemingly no reason suddenly got a mental image of Knuckles in green lighting laughing like a maniac? I have. And there was a reason for it (apart from mental instability) - Bill Wise does voice acting stuff. I feel rather silly, actually, because I rather like anime and have several of the things he's done voice acting in, and not actively noticed. Oh woe! Well, fear not my friends, I shall safeguard you from the horror of ignorence! ... Even if that does mean cutting and pasting from the Internet Movie Database. Bwa ha ha.

Here is his filmography, and assorted pictures. Click the thumbnails for the full-sized images.

  • Results (Officer Smart)
  • Krisha (Doyle)
  • Pangea (Jeff)
  • Tiramisu for Two (Freddie)
  • Into Memory (Mr. Stafen)
  • Boyhood (Uncle Steve)
  • You Are Your Body/You Are Not Your Body (Preacher Bill)
  • Sunny Square (Trucker Guy)
  • Disenchanted (Lance Romance)
  • Computer Chess (Roger)
  • Butcher Boys (Cop #2)
  • Tale of Warning (Detective)
  • Somebody Up There Likes Me (Caterer #1)
  • Days of Delusion (Coach Sheedy)
  • Serious Sam 3: BFE (Rodriguez)
  • Austin High (Chet)
  • Mojo Tango (Donny)
  • Ultimate Guide to Flight (Guerrero)
  • Between Floors (Crowd)
  • God Thinks You're a Loser (Peter)
  • Harmony and Me (Meter Maid Subordinate)
  • The 2 Bobs (Transvestite#1)
  • Six Gun (Will)
  • RSO (Arnold)
  • Everything or Nothing (Ray)
  • Prison Break (Sundown Hotel Guy)
  • Rune (Professor Cato)
  • $5.15/Hr. (TV Movie)
  • Deus Ex: Invisible War
  • Kidô shinsengumi: Moe yo ken (English Gentleman / Sakon)
  • Get Backers (Fudou)
  • Screen Door Jesus (Luther)
  • The Jamie Kennedy Experiment
  • King of Bandit Jing (Angostura Sr.)
  • Samurai X: Reflection (Enishi Yukishiro)
  • Busted (Texas Secret Force)
  • The Duo (Best Man)
  • Waking Life (Boat Car Guy)


  • What I Like About You (Skippy)
  • The Soul Collector (Paramedic)
  • Bad Day (Man)
  • American Detective (Ed)
  • Attack of the Bat Monsters
  • Natural Selection (Ferrel Dickenson)
  • Dai-Guard (Ookouchi)
  • Queen Emeraldas (Gamor)
  • Blood Reign: Curse of the Yoma (Shiratsuyu)
  • Devilman Lady (Otoya Sonobe)
  • Chenji!! Gettâ robo: sekai saigo no hi (Hayato Shin)
  • Walker, Texas Ranger (J.T. Hopkins / Milo Creech)
  • Rurôni Kenshin: Ishin shishi e no Requiem (Tomono)
  • Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture (Garudi)
  • Reborn from Hell II: Jubei's Revenge (Mataemon Araki)
  •  SubUrbia (George the Limo Driver)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Knuckles the Echidna)
  • Cadillac Ranch (Hippie Artist)
  • Legend of the Angel of Love, Wedding Peach (Jama-P)
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (Heckler)

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