Magneto’s mumbling myocardiograph making multipart mung beans

(McKellen Magneto fansite)



A site like no other,
My dear bean-filled brother,
Here attempt to comprehend
Magneto's fine ends
To which he doth fly
Only he knows why
His myocardiograph mumbling,
His mung beans a'bumbling
Multipartite unseen
You'll soon know what it means.



So venture to my lair
Of a world weird but fair
Fanart abound,
And much stuff around
Movie Magneto, he of very nice brow,
Sir McKellen has always done him proud,
So flail we must, and be glad
Hoorah for the cause that went slightly bad
Yet mutant issues we must cast aside,
Concentrate on the mung bean multipart.


To housekeeping I turn
So all you may learn
X-men is not mine,
Nor original content thine.





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