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Mason is introduced as the vice president of the Genom corporation, and initially serves as a plot exposition device. He serves as someone for the president of Genom, Rosencreutz, to talk to, and in these discussions the basic premise of the futuristic society, and the role of boomers in that society, become clear. At this point in his life, Mason is a corporate shark.

He views boomers as an untapped resource, equally happy to kiss them or shoot them repeatedly at point black range. Rosencreutz suspects him of duplicity, but is completely reliant on him to run the company PR and keep the commercial wheels moving. The great earthquake that destroyed tokyo was later revealed to be Mason's idea. Mason's ultimate aim is to wipe out what he sees as a stagnating humanity, replacing it with boomer kind.

Ultimately, Galatea transforms his body into a mechanical pillar, placing him out the side of the Genom tower to view the boomer rise in Tokyo. Despite his complete lack of mobility (and the painfulness of the boomer-isation), Mason is utterly content with his ultimate fate.

It is heavily implied that Mason had an unhappy childhood, excluded by his peers.



As a young man, Mason was one of Dr. Stingray's research team. His role was that of general assistant – as well as liasing with Dr. Stingray's family, he was present throughout the creation of Macki and Galatea. His calmness while aiding in Galatea's creation, despite his fellow scientists obvious unease, suggests his dysfunctional world view was present from an early age.


At some point between his time at the Wiz Lab and Genom, cancer overcame many of Mason's internal organs. He had them replaced with boomer surrogates, and made an unsuccessful attempt to “transcend his human frailties” by implanting an embryonic boomer core into his torso.

I couldn't help but note at this point that his title is unclear – Macki refers to him repeatedly as “Professor Mason”, other characters as “Doctor Mason”, and yet others (perhaps unaware of his scientific past) refer to him as “Mr. Mason”.


He does not become a major player in the plot until around the middle of the series, not appearing in episodes 4 or 6 at all. Mason's role in bringing Galatea into her full potential is somewhat ambiguous – it could equally be interpreted as platonic, or sexual. While disappointed that she can't turn him into a boomer, he is apparently happy to settle for the role of active observer.


These original character designs were sourced from the official Bubblegum Crisis website.