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Welcome, potentially weary traveler, to my Doc Ock fansite. It's rather fannish and Doc Ock filled, so if you don't like the said multi-armed man, I suggest you leave this site and search for muffins on Google. Everyone likes muffins.

This site isn't about muffins. It's about Otto Octavius, aka Doc Ock, and the man to portray him. How could you not love a villain who wears sunglasses at night, with four mechanical arms (actuators) coming out of his back?


You can scroll down for... stuff... Or click the links to the left for more structured sections.

In other news, this noodle reminds me of Doc Ock's actuators. Can you see the resemblance?


This site focuses on the Spider Man 2 version of Doc Ock, primarily because of the muffinish spiff of the man to portray him, Alfred Molina. I say muffinish, because the resemblance is striking.

2.jpg muffin.jpg

Explore the sub-sections and enjoy the multi-limbed fun. May your inhibitor chip forever be far from overloading reactors.


Made by yours truly, these are MP3 dance tunes with Alfred Molina quote goodness. Interview sound bytes from Trust Me, tune sequenced on Acid Xpress 5.0. Alfred Molina's voice is used without permission but with love, and oftentimes is chopped to make new and exciting quotes. Right click and select "Save as" to save the files.



 Doc Ock vs the Grumpy Orange

Purchased from some long forgotten toy store, my Doc Ock is approximately one cubit tall, and has lots of nice little details including fetching pants, sculpted hair and puzzling blue paint on his grabby arm ends. Here he is, contemplating his inevitable battle with the Grumpy Orange.


Lots of facial details were nicely carried on, they even got his slightly crooked nose right (except it leans to the wrong side...Oh well).


You are privileged to view this magnificent sneak behind-the-scenes picture from the upcoming "Doc Ock vs Grumpy Orange" epic movie saga. Here you can see his first meeting with Grumpy Orange (the special effects department is later going to turn the hand holding him into a less obvious shade, probably a light purple).


The plot loosely involves his ongoing quest to create a sustainable energy source, this time by converting a Lexmark printer into a sustainable source of energy.
"The power of the cyan in the palm of my hand!"


This might explain the puzzling bits of blue paint on his grabby bits.

Oh God Why

What do you call a super villain who is very good at Japanese cooking? ... Doctor Woktapus!
What do you call a super villain who has a smoked pig's thigh? ... Doctor Hoktapus!
What do you call a super villain who taunts people? ... Doctor Mocktapus!
What do you call a super villain who flies with others of his kind? ... Doctor Flocktapus!
What do you call a super villain who stops theives from opening doors? ... Doctor Locktapus!
What do you call a super villain who receives boats? ... Doctor Docktapus!
What do you call a super villain who is 'popular' at college? ... Doctor Jocktapus!
What do you call a super villain who is polite before entering a room? ... Doctor Knocktapus!
What do you call a super villain who is sedimentary? ... Doctor Rocktapus!
What do you call a super villain who is amazingly spiffy in every way, looks simply wonderful, has a hugely intelligent brain and four actuators coming from his back? ... Doctor Octopus. Obviously.

"You know, if you cloned Doc Ock you would get eight pies." "How?" "He'd be Doctor Ockt'a'pie."