Somewhat Deceased

(A Jean Marsh fansite)

Jean Marsh, whose long acting career is filled with brilliant examples of top-notch acting (and alarmingly frequent character death) is a British actress/director/writer of Extreme Awesome (this is like normal awesome, only more extreme). With credits including Doctor Who, Upstairs Downstairs and The Tomorrow People, numberless are the times viewers of her spiff have marveled at her characters’ complexity, costume, and eloquence, before shaking their fist in consternation as said character shuffles off this mortal coil.

Though the latter years of Jean Marshes’ roles have consisted primarily of deliciously evil roles, the trend of character deaths began even when she portrayed the sweetest sweeties ever to smile on this fine earth. This site bemoans the loss of sweeties and devils she’s portrayed over the years, while giving thanks that there are survivors amongst her filmography of characters.


Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the fanart I've drawn over the years. There are no prizes for guessing which character is my favourite.

Non-deaths, be thankful

Nurse Wilson / Mombi (Return to Oz - 1985)

Morgaine (Doctor Who: Battlefield – 1989)

Rose (Upstairs, Downstairs - 1971 to 1975)


Copious deaths

Alicia (The Twilight Zone: The Lonely - 1959)

Sara Kingdom (Doctor Who: The Daleks' Masterplan - 1965)

Bertha Rochester (Jane Eyre - 1970) [Caught in fire at the Rochester home, burned to death ]

Victoria (Dark Places - 1974)

Joanna Grey (The Eagle Has Landed - 1976) [Standing near a door, minding her own business, then machine-gunned down through said door ]

Joanna Russel (The Changeling -1980)

Joan Maitlin (Tales from the Darkside: Answer Me -1985)

Queen Bavmorda (Willow - 1988)

Mrs. Croker (Ghost Hunter - 2000) [Sucked into her own ghost suckey apperatus and imprisoned in a bottle - presumably dead 'caus you can't survive long in an airtight bottle if you're not a ghost]

Doctor Culex (The Tomorrow People: The Culex Experiment - 1994)

Violet Sidney (Julian Fellowes Investigates: A Most Mysterious Murder - The Case of the Croydon Poisonings - 2005)

Maria (Doctor Who: The Wishing Beast - 2007) [ sucked into the hellish place that is inside the wishing beast ]

If you want to learn more about Jean Marsh and her filmography of awesomeness, I recommend looking up her IMDB profile page. For more general information about her, this wikipedia entry is rather informative, as is this allmovies entry. To see a list of the books she’s written, this google books page is very comprehensive.