The Warhammers

This site serves as a handy collection point for my burgeoning interest in Warhammer. It will get considerably more content full as I continue to build my armies.

Power Toggle Solutions

"If it doesn't solve your problems, you are not using enough of it."

A goblin army of IT "professionals", this Skull Pass Goblin Army was my first introducition to miniature painting. I got a bit-over excited and modded every unit. And drew them an origin story comic.

Power Toggle Solutions Army


The Dialup Ruins

Terrain I built from cardboard, stuffing, bits of a chocolate box, styrofoam, flock and string, they're durable and lightweight.

Langley's Legion

"Strike it! Strike it with a stick!"

A Lizard Man Skink regiment with class, these dainty soldiers are based on my Eastern bearded Dragon's colour scheme (and classiness).