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Welcome to negalegs and sundry

This website is a repository of the works of Dr. Erin I. Walsh:  by night a scientific illustrator, by even later at night a dabbler in computer games and weaving.


By day I’m a senior research fellow with the PHXchange at the Australian National University.

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Scientific illustration

By night, I am a freelance scientific illustratior.

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By even later at night, I sometimes draw, paint, sew, weave, and otherwise dabble.

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Curated collection from my  long history of making intricate  fansites and other assorted things.

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Recent news

Our paper on a scale measuring moral injury is out (psychological suffering caused by perpetrating or witnessing actions against one's core beliefs same month I belatedly picked up "The Quarry". 10/10 spoopy fun. Had to draw this.
@SuperMGames @tedraimi

I've a bone to pick with you 2020 self. You left me a completed analysis... But the markdown has caption float errors in one of the 10+ tables and won't compile. It's like a treasure hunt where you've found X hours ago, but your shovel keeps phasing through the soil as you dig.

Happy New Year!
(some celebratory art, LeMMuel is the most shut-in of Negalegs so he felt most appropriate to usher in 2021. Blender and Photoshop.)

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What’s a negaleg?

Negalegs are a fictitious alien species with a penchant for coffee. They’re just like you or I… Just with legs where you’d expect arms, and four opposable fingers. I’ve been thinking, drawing, and writing about their world for quite some time now. What better central theme for a website collecting the artistic, scientific and mundane outpourings of an Australian researcher with an interest in all the things?