Noctivia follows the story of Affenze, Sonte, Eradeheck and Usque in a manga-style fantasy universe wrought with demonic invasion and red tape. This is one of those long-term projects that I always intend to get back to, but life always gets in the way. On day… I have been noodling away at since 2005.


Affenze portrait

Affenze efferiatis


A distractable optimist with more interest in follow hunches than orders. Disciplinary action is typically truncated when her unusual brute force is needed.

Sonte portrait

Sontentier nomine

just doing his best

A good kid who finds it hard to just wait things out when the going gets rough. Not exactly reckless, he is a good judge of when offence is the best defence.

Eradeheck portrait

Eradeheck gamaschen

mage coordination officer

A detail-oriented beurocrat who knows when rules should be bent, but not so good at listening to constructive feedback.

Usque portrait

usque contraho

minister for logistics

A symbiotic being with a knack for brokering peace at all levels of society. If she has an agenda it will be met come hell or high water.


First “book”

The bulk drawn circa 2005, final colour pages added in 2012.

One-shot art

Works spanning 2005-current.